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In early days we learned writing on a slate with a piece of chalk. Later people used paper and pencil to practice writing. Now also we need a pad to write and the most common pad that comes with windows operating system is Notepad.

Once you practice writing skill on this pad, writing in any other place should be easy.


How to use ClicknWrite:

1.  Open Notepad

2.  Open ClicknWrite

3.  Adjust both windows (to make both visible)

4.  Select  consonants  and  vowels (with left click) to form a word

5.  You may find your word in the dictionary (before you finish clicking to form your word).  If so, select the word (with left click) and send it to Notepad (with right click or double click or click enter button)

6.  Save your document or print if you wish.

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