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Writing on Microsoft word is not the same thing as writing on Notepad. This is because Microsoft modifies the content to display in many ways and uses their font by default. Hence writing in Bangla on Microsoft word needs certain manipulation. To write Bangla with Clicknwrite Bangla word writer on Microsoft Word, we suggest you proceed as follows.

1.     To start with we assume that you have mastered writing on Notepad, and that you have and can choose Bengali Unicode font from the Notepad font menu.

2.     First do a small test, to know what version of Microsoft word you have. Copy the Bangla content from Sample Text and paste it on Microsoft word.  Probably it does not show Bangla straight,  instead shows something else such as boxes. If so, select the Bangla content, go to Format/font menu and change the underlie font name from "whatever" to Bengali Unicode. You may see Bangla script appear fine. This is the case with Microsoft word of earlier versions, where they did not implement the style sheets and Unicode. Under such circumstances you do not need to go further, resize the MS Word window and place your Bangla Word Writer on desk top. Similar to Notepad, you should be able to write on MS Word.

3.    If your MSword is of later version (MSword 2002) using Unicode, and the above test shows Bangla but not to your satisfaction (that is does not show in Bengali unicode font) then you need to configure the MSword to display Bangla with Clicknwrite Bengali Unicode font. To do this proceed as follows. (A) Navigate as follows > Start > settings > Control Panel > Fonts. Open this folder by double clicking. In this fonts folder find Vrinda font and delete it. Also check that you have Bengali Unicode, but do not delete it.

4. Create a new style as follows for Bangla CW. > After deleting Vrinda as above, open MSword. In MS word, navigate as follows > Format > Styles & formatting > (Styles & Formatting menu appears on right pane) Focus on bottom of this pane and click "text box" show. Choose Custom Style from here. Format setting dialog window should pop up.  In the bottom of this popup dialog window > click styles >  style window dialog pops up  > Click new > New Style window dialog appears as below> Make the necessary changes as per the picture, and you are done. Now you should be able to write directly on MSword with Bangla word writer.



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